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Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses Set 4,Crystal Whiskey Glasses Hand Blown,Irregular Twisted Whisky Glasses Bourbon Scotch Thick Whisky Wine Father Day Gift for Men with Luxury Box,10 oz

$39.92 $42.34

Brand: Teenlly

Color: White


  • 【Complete Quality Assurance System】 The Teenlly Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass use best quality crystals as raw materials, these Cocktail Tumblers are handcrafted by experienced senior technicians with distinguished craftsmanship. The product quality inspection is strict and meticulous, which provides no tolerance for defective products and eliminates hidden quality hazards before being packed. Every piece of Teenlly whiskey glass is promised to be safe and sound
  • 【Ingenious Combination of Abstract Art and Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glass】The twisted body absorbed the virtues of nosing glass, old-fashioned glass and ice-ball glass, waking the favor and maintaining the fresh smell. Irregular surface makes it easy to hold and hard to slip off. Besides, thick walls and bottom keeps the cup from tipping over. Whether old or young, male or female, every will love its tactile impression and texture.
  • 【Glorious Optical Line and Fabulous Tint Interweaves】 Electroplating process gives the bourbon wine glasses strong visual impact, under the reflection of light, it is colorful and dazzling. After adding ice cubes, the reflection of the ice mingles with the light of the glass itself, glistening the liquid, eye-catching the drinker, which highlights your taste and style.
  • 【Collision Resistant Foamed Plastics Package】Because of its vulnerable features, the crystal whiskey glasses are prudently stuffed by paper and fixed with foam plastic to make sure its intact before they knocking your door. Exquisite packaging added some elegance to old-fashioned whiskey glasses.
  • 【Feasible Options for Gifting or Keeping】Crystal whiskey glasses are classic and brilliant. You can keep them for household gathering or family party, also, give away as a present can be a good choice, for what can manifest your version and show your sincerity.
  • 【Your Attention Please】 Teenlly old-fashioned whiskey glass are all hand-made, in the process of manual blowing, there may appear some tiny bubbles, which won’t affect your daily-using. It is normal that there may be slight differences due to different lighting or shooting angles.

Details: Teenlly’s Story As we all know, good wine requires a good glass. As a senior wine lover, the founder of Teenlly has always wanted to seek a balance between beauty and texture. We hope to create a classic glass that is both substantive and preserve the fragrance, but there has been no inspiration. Until one time, he went to a bubble show and watched the colorful bubbles jumping in the reflection of the light, and he was upset by the beauty of the ephemeral. Suddenly, he thought, if this effect is applied to the production of wine glasses, wouldn't it satisfy the fusion of color and light. But how can we achieve it? Therefore, the founder visited a number of designers and skilled craftsmen, and finally decided to adopt the electroplating process and include irregular shapes in size, just like bubbles sway in the wind. At the same time, it has the shallow mouth of the nosing glass, the outsole of the old-fashioned whiskey glass, and the roundness of the ice-ball glass. After failing again and again, Teenlly old-fashioned whiskey glass finally went out. Since its born, Teenlly whiskey glass has been loved by many alcoholics. At the same time, Teenlly continues to work hard to make more people enjoy a better drinking experience. Several Notes: 1. Do not put the cup on a high-temperature heat source, in case of damage the electroplating layer on the surface and affect the beauty. 2. Avoid contact with children under 6 years old to protect it from chipping and cutting children. 3. In order to prolong its life-span and the glossiness of the glass, please clean it in time after thorough use. Tennlly is committed to providing you with the most satisfactory service. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.

EAN: 0712804416306

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 8.5 x 4.4 inches

Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses Set 4,Crystal Whiskey Glasses Hand Blown,Irregular Twisted Whisky Glasses Bourbon Scotch Thick Whisky Wine Father Day Gift for Men with Luxury Box,10 oz

$39.92 $42.34