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Crystal Spinning Glass


The Spinning Coupe  is the ultimate tumbler which combines aestheticsfunction and durability. The glasses are handcrafted with high-quality lead-free crystal. Designed with a slightly curved bottom, it allows the glass to spin smoothly with a flick of your finger, making it both a perfect conversation piece and a personal entertainment. 


  • Spinning Design - Beautiful and fun to play with!
  • Thick bottomed - 50% heavier than normal tumblers
  • Great for Gifts! Interesting design, comes in standard Whiskira gift box
  • Comes in 3 different styles: Diamond, Curvy and Ripple

The Signature Set includes:

1 x  The Spinning Tumbler™ - Ripples

1 x The Spinning Tumbler™ - Diamonds

1 x The Spinning Tumbler™ - Stripes

Crystal Spinning Glass